Order Turnaround Times

Although turnaround times can vary due to seasonal fluctuations, we are able to give estimated turnaround times on the following products:

Standard Turnaround Times:
Please note that below times are average. It may be longer if your order requires custom personalization. We start production only when the order is fully paid and all details of your order are correct.
  • AriaBooks, ArtBooks/Journal - up to 10 business days in production
  • PrimaBooks - up to 10 business days in production
  • QTPocket- up to 10 business days in production
  • Print Boxes - up to 10 business days in production
  • Prints / Folios / USBs / Test Prints & Swatches - up to 7 business days in production

From the end of October - December we focus on all the orders placed "before Holiday Deadline" and above times may be longer. We publish Holiday Deadlines in October on our website and in our FB group QtAlbums Lounge.

Do you need your order fast?

  • Standard Turnaround - up to 10 business days (based on the longest turnaround item in your order). Please note times may be longer during peak holiday season.
  • Rush Turnaround - up to 5 business days January 10 - December 1, and 7 business days mid-December through early January. Your order will be subject to a surcharge + shipping fee. This surcharge ranges from $35 to $75 and has a variable rate throughout the year depending on the order volume. Rush Turnaround is an added service available to you in your cart options upon checkout. Please triple-check the order details, files and shipping address to avoid delay. We do our best to meet these goals, but we can make no guarantees regarding turnaround. If we are unable to meet a goal, we will gladly credit the surcharge to your account at your request.
  • Rush Holiday Delivery - Replaces the Rush Turnaround option for a limited period after the Holiday Deadline. Orders with this option should ship in time for Christmas. Fees and terms are similar to Rush fees above.
  • Overnight Shipping (EUR Store Only) - up to 2 business days in transit for €35. This type of shipping is available to EUR store clients who ship to European destinations. Products are shipped by air from Poland.

Oct 27, 2023

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