PrimaBook is a lay-flat album designed to be an inexpensive everyday solution for family photography, seniors, engagements, portrait, and boudoir photography or just as an everyday book. Printed with digital press technology and covered with the most beautiful soft fabric, PrimaBook can be personalized with a range of predesigned gold stamps to impress your clients.

PrimaBook Product Gallery
PrimaBook Design Guidelines (you can design spreads with as many images as you want, but none of them can cross over the center fold line as the toner may crack)

primabook  primabook

primabook  primabook


PrimaBook paper characteristics:

  • Digital Silk Paper printed on digital press (CMYK) - silk textured paper - the surface of the paper is very close to the silver halide Fuji Silk paper we use for our AriaBook line.
  • Lay-flat pages (no images over the crease)
  • Print permanence rated at 60+ years


PrimaBook - available sizes:

  • 8x8" (20x20cm)
  • 10x10" (25x25cm)
  • 12x12" (30x30cm)


PrimaBook - available covers:

10 colours of Flores Fabric - It’s a fabric that is soft and inviting to cuddle. It’s almost as gentle as our Velvets. The color selection is perfect for all types of photography!

Flores Fabric


You can personalize your PrimaBook with one of our standard stamps.

Full Gallery of PrimaBook Stamps

primabook stamps
You can also pick a gold heart symbol to be embossed on the cover or simply leave a blank cover.

primabook heart  primabook blank
                                                                                      Photo by: Lucy Lloyd-Jones


PrimaBook Box Gallery

The PrimaBook can come with an optional Box in a matching Flores Fabric cover. Order together with the PrimaBook

primabook box primabook box primabook box primabook box
                                                                                                      Photo by: Gert Huygaerts


Digital press printing technology is very different from the photographic and fine art printing we use in our other albums. The color space is CMYK which does not produce the same wide spectrum of colors that the other processes offer. Sharpness and clarity are also different because the image is made up of tiny dots. This is an inherent shift you should expect when utilizing this type of print. Digital press products are the standard entry-level offering across the printing industry.

PrimaBooks are exceptionally priced and do not qualify for our sample discount program.

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Aug 30, 2021

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