AlbumWorks FREE Designer

AlbumWorks powered by Fundy Software is now available to QT customers via our special portal FREE of charge - we will cover your $100/yr license fee!

You must access via the special QT-AlbumWorks Portal:

What’s the difference between AlbumWorks and their original desktop software Fundy Designer?
Take a look at the video


How does it work?

AlbumWorks is insanely simple and fast to work with.

  1. Visit QT's Special AlbumWorks Portal and login using Facebook or Google credentials (you need to have a FB or Gmail account)
  2. Click NEW ALBUM (or return to work on a previously saved design)
  3. Upload your images and then select design settings:
    1. Album name (only for your record)
    2. Album Line (AriaBook / ArtBook, etc)
    3. Size (in inches)
    4. Auto Design (by Name or Date)
    5. IMPORTANT!  # of Pages - The designer defaults to 10 pages (5 spreads). QT minimums are 20 pages (10 spreads - QT Pockets are the only exception with 5 spreads min number). Please select accordingly. You can always add and subtract spreads during the design process, but it is much easier to start with the correct number to avoid mistakes and to take full advantage of the Auto Design feature.
    6. Design Constraints (choose which layouts you are served)
      1. All Designs
      2. Exclude designs that cross center line - select this option for PrimaBooks
  4. When you are happy with the design - EXPORT it (icon in the right top corner) and download the spreads to your hard drive.
  5. >>CHECK YOUR DESIGN<< closely in 100% magnification to verify against design errors.
  6. Go to our store, select your product order form and click the orange button to UPLOAD FILES.
  7. Upload files, check file sequence, and example trim lines. Then continue with your album configuration (cover, paper etc).
  8. Place your order. Done :)
Please remember to select #Pages count 20 - this represents 10 spreads which is the minimum number required in albums.


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