Custom Stamp

Custom Stamp

A Custom Stamp is a special die pressed into a cover fabric at pressure and heat. Please notice that not every fabric is compatible with embossing at all and some fabrics do not stamp well with clear/blind embossing.
Please check the Personalisation Chart beforehand. Once the stamp is complete, you can use it repeatedly in multiple designs. Great for the studio logo!

Custom Stamp Examples Gallery

custom stamp

The quality of the stamp greatly depends on the design, size, and fabric combination. Before you order please contact support if we can make it for you. In most cases, we recommend the overprint option which is very similar, easier to make (no need to order the die) just without the physical indentation.

custom stamp
Photo by: Zofia Crosby

To create a custom stamp file you will need Photoshop or you can select our Graphic Help.

Please download the suitable size of your Custom Stamp and follow the instructions in the file.
5x1", 5x2" or 5x5" template dimensions are the maximum possible sizes if you extend your design to the edges of the template.

5x1" custom stamp template download 
5x2" custom stamp template download 
5x5" custom stamp template download 

Available stamp colours:

  • clear (blind, plain)
  • white
  • silver
  • gold
  • copper

Custom Stamp can be located at the front cover, back cover, back endpaper, or front endpaper.
Once you decide on the location, you then choose the stamp placement (Visual Centre, Top Centre, Right Corner, Botton Right)

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