Product Return Policy

Should there be a need to return a damaged album to us please follow these strict guidelines.

1. All products must be returned in their original shipping packaging and presentation packaging.

ArtBooks must be shipped back with original protective sheets between pages. They need to be aligned so that the facing pages are protected from rubbing against each other.
Failing to do so will automatically void the ArtBook's warranty.

2. Please pack the presentation boxes inside shipping boxes so they do not touch the shipping box. Especially in the corners. Use our packing materials if possible.

3. Once the package is ready please email with a complete pickup address, telephone number and date/time to pick it up.

If the cover or the presentation box is in less than perfect condition and you do not specifically order a replacement (extra charges apply), we will send them back in the same condition as received.
If we discover that the issue with the book was in fact caused by improper care, we will charge the pickup and return shipment cost.

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