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AriaBooks are printed on the best traditional lab photo paper (Fuji DPII) which is known for its beautiful surface, great color depth, durability, and scratch resistance. AriaBooks' pages lay completely flat with an almost invisible gutter line so you can do seamless designs.

For USD store clients we offer AriaBook with Thin, Regular and Thick pages (paper thickness selection)

For EUR store clients we offer AriaBook Classic with Regular and Thick pages and AriaBook Slim with Thin pages.

Discounted AriaBook duplicates available.

AriaBook Product Gallery 


Paper Types

Fuji DPII Lustre finish

fuji lustre

Fuji DPII Silk finish

silk fuji

Fuji Lustre / Silk

Traditional photographic paper available in two types of surface. Silk (vinyl texture) or Lustre.
Weight: 240gsm
Print type: Traditional Wet PhotoLab
Appearance: Semi matte
Spread limit: 10-65 (20-130 pages) 4in / 10cm LittleQT sizes max 30
Depth of color/blacks: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
**Design over the crease:
 Yes, although some decolorisation may occur in gray images.
Coated: No, but resistant to scratches (Silk/Lustre) and fingerprints (Silk)
Packaging: Linen presentation box + pouch + gloves

Paper Thickness
  • Thin / slim (max 65 spreads) 0.5mm / 0.02" Pages glued back to back. Semi-Flexible feel.
  • Regular (max 55 spreads) 1mm / 0.04" Cardboard between pages = rigid
  • Thick (max 30 spreads) 2 mm / 0.08" Extra cardboard between pages = rigid


Size Selection
  • 4x4" (10x10cm)
  • 6x6" (15x15cm)
  • 8x8" (20x20cm)
  • 8x12" (20x30cm) Horizontal / Vertical
  • 10x10" (25x25cm)
  • 12x12" (30x30cm)
  • 4x6" (10x15cm) Horizontal - from March 1st  2022 available as custom size ONLY
  • 10x15" Horizontal (USD shop only) - from March 1st 2022  available as custom size ONLY
  • 11x14" (28x35cm) Horizontal - from March 1st 2022 available as custom size ONLY
  • 12x16" (30x40cm) Horizontal - from March 1st 2022  available as custom size ONLY
  • 12x18" (30x45cm) Horizontal - from March 1st 2022 available as custom size ONLY


Available Personalisations:

Before you order, please check if the selected personalisation is possible for the fabric of your choice - click on the Personalisation Chart 


Available Fabrics

AriaBook has a very wide Fabric Selection 

  • Natural Linen
  • Lux Linen
  • Premium Pastel Linen
  • Eco Velvet
  • Velvet
  • Flores Fabric
  • Leatherlike
  • Genuine Leather
  • Silk

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Oct 2, 2023

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