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30% Album Duplicates

Duplicates are exact or smaller clones of the main album and qualify for a 30% discount when added to an AriaBook or ArtBook.

  • Duplicates must be printed on the same paper as the main book and have the same design inside.
  • Duplicates can have different cover materials, provided that they are within the same cover category or lower. For example, the main album can be in leather and the duplicates in linen. Not the other way around. Presentation boxes may be the same as the main or lesser - please specify the box choice in your duplicate request.
  • Cover personalization and other options must match, except in the case of a duplicate that is too small for the personalization, in which case there will be none (remember that embossing is one size and will take up more space on the cover of a smaller book).
  • Duplicates must be ordered along with the main album to secure the discount. If you plan to order duplicates later on, you need to place a new order. In this case, the first copy will be treated as the main album - thus not discounted. The discount will apply from copy number two onward.


AriaBook and ArtBook duplicates are discounted 30%.(if duplicates are a smaller size than the main book, we discount from the base price of the smaller size album).

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To order this type of duplicate, type-in the sizes, quantities and box preference in the space provided at the bottom of your main album's order form. We will hand-edit your order.

Please use the INVOICE ME or BANK TRANSFER payment method during checkout. We will manually issue you a corrected invoice for payment.

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