Fabric Covers

Fabric Covers

Beautiful, modern, and timeless perfectly describe our selection of fabrics and coverings.
With a wide range of colors that appeal to the discerning eye, we are proud to say that some of our linens are a QT exclusive - made just for us!

  • Before you decide on a specific fabric/cover personalization variant, make sure it is possible with this Personalisaton Chart.
  • Before you place an order, we highly recommend that you purchase a Swatch Box with fabric samples.
View the full FABRICS LIST and download swatches.


Occasionally, some cover materials are retired due to the end of stock or based on their unpopularity. We mark these with a (D) as DISCONTINUED on the fabrics page, and they will remain in the order forms while supplies last. Please be prepared with a second choice in these cases.

If any of the fabrics become temporarily unavailable, we will mark it as N/A both in the order forms and on the website.

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