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This type of book is a bit different than artbooks/albums because it doesn't open flat and starts with a right hand side page rather than a full spread. You should consider this book to be perfect for one image per side designs and lots of pages.

To design an Heirloom, you can use various tools like Fundy Designer, SmartAlbums, InDesign, or Lightroom as long you follow these rules.

  1. The Heirloom book is not lay-flat therefore you need to design pages instead of spreads (you might see spreads in SmartAlbums or other software).
  2. Your margins should be set 20 mm from each edge of the design page.
  3. The design with the picture set over the middle is not advised.
  4. To print your beautiful design we need single pages delivered in one PDF.
  5. The dimensions for the heirloom you can find in our price list under the Heirloom section.
  6. Our colour space profile is AdobeRGB or sRGB

Highly Recommended is to design one picture per page, why such a simple design? You will get the best presentation of the pictures, they will just look marvelous in this kind of design!

Adobe Lightroom:
All you have to remember is not to choose templates which are close to the design edge nor the ones touching the left/right edge. When we add extra white space to match heirloom's size you will end up with a slim white stripe. Please do not design black page backgrounds. They hide the beauty of the paper and we can't resize these designs.



 Adobe InDesign:
To create a correct work space in Adobe InDesign you need to follow this instructions:
When you create a project please follow this setup of margins and pages - this is an example for A4 format:


After finishing your design you just need to export this to PDF.

SmartAlbums is great for Heirloom designs without any tweaks. Please follow the instructions for 12x18 book below.
If you want to design the Heirloom using the SmartAlbums you need to keep in mind that you can't scale the end file to smaller or bigger sizes.




Mar 22, 2022

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