Fabric Swatches

Fabric Swatches. Beautiful, modern, and timeless perfectly describe our selection of fabrics and coverings.
With a wide range of colours that appeal to the discerning eye, we are proud to say that some of our linens are a QT exclusive - made just for us!

A Swatch Box is a small kraft box containing cover material swatches. You can select the fabrics that interest you most.

swatch box

  • Linens + Leatherlikes + Leathers + Silks + Velvets
  • Linens + Leatherlikes + Leather
  • Linens + Leatherlikes + Silks + Velvets
  • Leatherlikes + Silks
  • Linens + Leatherlikes
  • Linens ONLY
  • Genuine Leather
  • Silks
  • Velvets
  • Flores Fabric (PrimaBook exclusive)

Download virtual swatch card (250MB) - need to check if up to date

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