Matted Cotton Prints

Matted Cotton Prints

Matted Cotton Prints are printed with archival inks on 100% Cotton Rag Paper and mounted on an acid-free board to create an impressive 1000gsm print. We have added a bevelled passepartout frame on top for beautiful presentation and protection. All prints are made by hand. Should you require a custom size or a quote for a larger quantity, please contact us.
Best fitted in Clamshell box which is available as an option. Please make sure the size of the box matches the mat size, not the print size. For example, 4x6" print in 6x8" will fit in 6x8" box.

Visit Paper Types to see close-up photos of all paper types, including Cotton Rag Paper.

Matted Cotton Prints sizes:

  • 4x6" print in 6x8" mat = 10x15cm print in 15x20cm mat
  • 5x7" print in 8x10" mat = 13x18cm print in 20x25cm mat
  • 6x8" print in 8x10" mat = 15x20cm print in 20x25cm mat
  • 7x10" print in 11x14" mat = 18x25 cm print in 28x35cm mat
  • 8x10" print in 12x14" mat = 20x25cm print in 30x35cm mat
  • 8x12" print in 12x16" mat = 20x30cm print in 30x40cm mat

matted cotton prints

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Mar 20, 2023

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