UV ink

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UV Ink

UV Matte Ink is a cover personalization method which involves a liquid ink hardened by an UltraViolet light. You can design a text or detailed graphics without a need of ordering a metal die like it's needed with a custom stamp. No vectors are needed like for overprint. We just need a PDF file that you can create in Photoshop in less than 30 seconds :)
The ink sits on top of the fabric, creating the raised "3d" effect - especially when the white ink is used. UV Ink is very resistant to scratching.
UV Ink is a CMYK printing technology which means that you can print whichever color you wish, although since it is matte, using yellow to emulate gold will not work. Please use embossing instead.

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Personalisation Chart


Please notice that if you choose WHITE UV Ink - you print will have a slightly vintage/jagged look due to natural surface of the cover.


You will need Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Download the templates and open in Photoshop. 2. Create a text or graphics layer in a color that you want it to appear on the cover. For this tutorial, we will be using white ink. 3. In the LAYERS window, CTRL+Left Click / CMD+Left Click the layer icon - it will select the entire outline of the layer. If you are using graphic content, please make sure that the outline of the entire canvas is not selected by mistake.


4. Go to CHANNELS window and create NEW SPOT CHANNEL


5. Set the name of spot channel to white and solidity to 100%


It will create a red layer over your white text. This will tell the printer to print in white. If the text or graphic you want to print on the cover is in another color than white, this procedure will tell the printer to print white underlayer and then print the desired color. This will make your text more visible on the cover.
6. Save as PDF and attach to the order.

Here is a video.

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