Album Lid Box


Create an impressive presentation for your album by adding an Album Lid Box. These sturdy boxes are constructed with a solid core and covered in beautiful fabric with a ribbon affixed inside the box to aid in lifting the album.

Choose from our most popular Raw Linen Album Lid Box, or you can match the cover of your album by choosing the Matching Album Lid Box. (For albums in leather or leatherlike, you will specify a different fabric for the box).

album lid box
Raw Linen Album Lid Box

album lid box
Matching Album Lid Box in Indigo Silk

album lid box
Matching Album Lid Box in Duck Egg Premium Pastel Linen

See more photos in our Album Presentation Box Gallery.


  • Natural Linen
  • Lux Linen
  • Premium Pastel Linen
  • Eco Velvet
  • Velvet
  • Flores Fabric
  • Silk

Covers in Genuine Leather and Leatherlike are not available.


We offer Standard Embossing or Custom Stamp as options to personalise the Album Lid Box.

Learn more about Personalisations.

Examples of both a Custom Stamp (visual center) and Standard Embossing (lower right corner) in gold are shown below:

Album Lid Box in Turquoise Premium Pastel Linen

Our Album Lid Boxes are available with all album sizes. They are hand made so they can perfectly fit each album.
Whatever the size of the album or the number of spreads you select, your box will be made to suit it.


Order plain boxes directly in your AriaBook/ArtBook order form as part of the standard option set that is presented to you.

Personalised boxes have their own order forms and must be added to your shopping cart as separate items from your albums. You will still complete checkout with your multiple items in a single order / transaction.

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